Crossbow Scopes: What You Should Spend Your Money On

Crossbow Scopes_ What You Should Spend Your Money On

Hunting requires stealth, silence, and excellent tracking skills especially if you are using a crossbow. This type of hunting is somehow new to the American hunters. However, it is gaining popularity. Most hunters understand that to have a successful hunt; it is importance to have a perfect scope on their crossbow. So, just how do you know that your scope is fit for your crossbow?

Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow

This is the question we hope to answer in this review. There is an array of scopes available in the market with various styles and designs, magnification levels and in different colors. Picking the right one can be a bit tricky. So, we went ahead and picked 5 of the best crossbow scopes that we believe will maximize your hunting experience in 2017 and beyond. We dig deep into one, point out their pros and cons with the hopes that you will not have a hard time deciding what to spend your money on. Our shortlist includes:


Types of Scopes

There are other types of scopes, but what most archers and hunters prefer are the red dot scopes and the optic scopes.

The Red Dot Scope

The red dot scope is classified into single or multiple scopes. The single scope is a cheaper option to its multiple scope counterparts. The red dot scope in general rests on the aimed area of the target to get an accurate shot. With the single red dot scope, you can aim at whatever distance you like as long as specific enough. The multiple red dot scope offers additional aiming points which can be very distracting for first-time users.

To have a perfect shot with either of the two scopes you have to measure the distances and sight and adjust the scope for different light levels. It is important to note that if the target is too light, you to ensure that the red dot is bright and dimmer if the target is dark.

Optic Scope

The optic scope on a crossbow has multiple reticles to adjust the scope for various ranges. The optic scope guarantees the formation of quick, bright, crisp and clear vision of the target. It, therefore, provides better performance.

Its coating makes it all-weather equipment that does not get foggy even when in foggy environments. It also offers precise and accurate aim even in adverse light conditions.

Crossbow Scope Buying Guide: Key Distinguishing Features

Man targeting with a scoped crossbow

Crossbow scopes can be differentiated based on the following characteristics:

  • Range
  • Size
  • Accuracy


If you are not sure what to look out for when shopping for your scope, carry your rangefinder with you. It will help you determine your shooting distance.

However, if you want a scope that will cover more range, select the multiple reticles or the multiple red dot scopes. If you fancy smaller game, go for the single optic or single red dot scope as it will serve the purpose.

There are variable scopes that could help shot up to 100 yards away; the usual range is always 50 yards.


Unless you are an experienced hunter, stick to smaller and lighter scopes as they are easier to operate and will certainly not hinder your hunting expedition. Variable scopes are huge and bulky and will influence the way you take aim and for how long you can stay out with your bow.


No matter what you expect from a crossbow scope, it is common knowledge that it has to be accurate.

The Best Crossbow Scopes for 2017 Reviewed

Our shortlist of 5 crossbow scopes includes some of the latest, most popular scopes designs available in the market today. We have put particular focus on the best scopes from different manufacturers that are guaranteed to make your expedition a joy.

Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope Black Matte (BDC 60)

This scope features to3 to 32X magnification and 32mm objective lens, which lets you zero in on your target from even 60 yards away.

It also features a large ocular that has a quick focus eyepiece that is shockproof, fog proof, and waterproof, making it ideal to use even in adverse weather conditions.

Its advanced BDC 60 reticle offers exact aiming points out to 60 yards. The optics on the Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope is crisp and clear, and you can easily see your clear target even beyond 60 yards.

Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

It can transmit up to 92 percent of available light for brightness and contrast and has zero-reset turrets which make it easy to sight and adjust when aiming your target. You will hard miss a kill.



  • Excellent, 3.4" eye relief
  • Zero-reset sighting turrets
  • Large ocular with quick focus eyepiece
  • Lightweight compact design


  • It does not have horizontal sighting lines; instead, it has dots, which are hard to see
  • It does not have illuminated reticles
  • It does not come with scope rings thus tricky to mount

The Aim Sports 4X32 Compact Rangefinder Scope with Rings is rugged and convenient for hunting in harsh combat environments. It is made of anodized aluminum which makes it light and durable.

It features a rangefinder reticle with windage and elevation adjustments which makes it easier to estimate long distance precision shots accurately.

Aim Sports Compact

The rangefinder is adjustable making it also easier for you to zero in on your target. It comes with a blue fused multi-coated lens, therefore, guaranteeing your superior transmission, resolution, and scratch resistance. It has an excellent 3″ eye relief which provides safety from heavy recoil and enables fast target acquisition.



  • It is lightweight and durable as it is made of anodized aluminum
  • It has an excellent field of view of up to 36.6' at 100 yards.
  • 3″ eye relief provides safety from heavy recoil
  • The scope is designed to endure rugged hunting conditions and harsh combat environments.
  • The scope sights in very quickly
  • It is easy to mount
  • It is an affordable crossbow scope


  • It does not have enough clarity and contrast in poor lighting conditions
  • Light gathering capability of this scope is not useful for low light shooting or hunting
  • The reticle of this scope is too thick for small game hunting beyond 40-60yards.

This crossbow scope comes with up to four crosshairs which let you have 4 reference points on varying yards; this ensures that there is no guesswork of the ranges.

It is fixed at 4X magnifications which are more than adequate for crossbow hunting. It is also water, fog and shockproof, therefore, guaranteeing performance in any weather condition.

Hammers Illuminated Crossbow

The Hammers 4X32CBT Illuminated Crossbow Scope with Weaver Rings has an adequate 3.5-inch eye relief and a quick focus ring at the end of the eyepiece to allow for easy aiming of your target.

It is made of anodized aluminum making it lightweight and durable. It has windage and elevation adjustment which allows you to estimate the range of your precision shot precisely.



  • It is lightweight
  • It is durable as it is made from superior material which also makes it shock resistant, waterproof and fog proof
  • It has clear instructions which make it easy to mount and use


  • Poor illumination

This crossbow scope is made of ultra-durable solid aluminum meaning that with proper care and use it can last for so many years to come. It is capable of absorbing heavy recoils.

It is nitrogen filled and fully coated, thus making it shock resistant, waterproof and fog proof. It can, therefore, be used in any weather condition.

Ultimate Arms Gear

The lenses are multi-coated for low light conditions, and will provide a sharp, bright field of view up to 100 yards away and have an eye relief of 3.1inches.

The windage and elevation adjustments have a click value at 100 yards and a side wheel for illumination adjustments. The scope's illuminated red and green rangefinder reticle allows you to estimate the range of the target.



  • The scope has a fixed 4X magnification which brings the target closer to you.
  • It is nitrogen filled making it fog proof, water resistant, and shockproof.
  • It has an incredible light gathering capacity
  • It is easy to mount as it comes with rings
  • It is a durable scope


  • It weighs 9.3 ounces which make your crossbow slightly heavy

This scope is one of the best scopes. It is a high-performance crossbow scope that is easy to mount on almost all crossbows.

It comes in double colored illumination of red and green which offers maximum reticle visibility.

The reticle is designed to provide precision aim points between 20 to 100 yards with 10-yard intervals.

Hawke Crossbow Scope


  • This scope is compatible with a broad range of crossbows
  • It has a high-level light transmission
  • It is a powerful scope


  • The scope does not include scope rings


Choosing the right scope for your crossbow is not a natural process, it is a combination of different factors that require serious consideration. The most important thing is to find the product that can help maximize the value of your investment regarding utility and durability.

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