zhumell 10-25×42 waterproof zoom monocular

Zhumell 10-25×42 waterproof zoom monocular is stated to be the preferred choice for sports, adventure, wildlife, and entertainment loving enthusiasts.

The exterior body is protected with a rubber armor to make it waterproof and resistant to the elements. The design patterns of the ridges, housing, eyepiece and the focusing lever are meant to give you flexibility in focusing and magnification.

The monocular could work with the equal efficiency of resolution and clarity for long distance and short distance watching. The monocular has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars.

zhumell 10-25×42


  • Field of view width is stated to be appreciably high
  • Convincing hand grip with the exterior rubber armor
  • Tripod adaptability
  • check
    Magnification range from 10X to 25X
  • check
    The nearest focus is indicated to be 6.5 feet
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    42mm curved objective lens for maximum light absorption
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    Easy to zoom dials
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    Comfortable eye relief
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    Anti-glare construction


  • The neck strap could cause discomfort while using the monocular over an extended period

Key Features

Objective Lens

The objective lens of the Zhumell measures 42mm. It is supposed to be designed for maximum light absorption from the surroundings. The multiple coatings on the lens could help in covering the target entirely by reducing the glaring effects and enhancing the image clarity.

Eye Relief

The Zhumell monocular is stated to have an eye relief of 14-9.5mm. This feature is supposed to enhance the fullness of the viewing angle considerably. You may get better coverage of stationary and moving objects with considerable clarity.

This feature could be particularly beneficial if you happen to wear eyeglasses. The design of eye relief is stated to be in synchronization with the magnification factor of the objective lens to enable full-size target object viewing.

Close Focus

The closest focus of the Zhumell monocular is stated to be 6.5feet. This feature is supposed to enhance the spotting scope for large and small sized objects that are located closer. It is supposed to show you the detailed features of the target object without distortion and a high level of clarity.


Magnification range of the monocular is from 10X to the maximum of 25X. It is supposed to be flexible for manual adjustments. It could show you the intricate details of a small object regardless of the distance and its movement.

You may zoom-in or zoom-out with a right field of view without compromising on precision and clarity.

The 42mm object lens diameter with good light absorption ratio and variable magnification could make the Zhumell monocular ideal for sports and wildlife watching.

Exit Pupil

​The exit pupil of the Zhumell monocular has a dimension of 2.8-14mm. It is stated to deliver the maximum volume of light from the object lens into your eyes. It is also supposed to enhance the magnification, clarity, and brightness of the image.

It is stated to work even in low light conditions (sunset, dense forest, early morning time just before sunrise, etc.) to give you the optimum visibility. You may increase or decrease the magnification of the object lens without affecting the quality of the exit pupil functionality.

Monocular Length

The length of Zhumell monocular is stated to be 6.2". The design of the barrel, bridge, and the eyepiece are declared to be in synchronization with the length for producing high-quality images.

Zhumell Monocular Review

Purpose: The Zhumell monocular is stated to be designed for sports and wildlife watching. The flexible nature of zooming and magnification could enhance the short and long distance watching experience. You could mount it on a tripod to enable extended viewing with 180-degrees to 360-degrees coverage.

Zoom: The Zhumell monocular is supposed to provide even image brightness regardless of the zooming range. It could mean you may watch a frog at a distance of 300 feet with the same clarity as you see a deer at a distance of 6.5 feet.

FOV: The Zhumell monocular is stated to give you a higher field of view over a distance of 300+feet and also at a distance of 65 feet. This feature could make it easy to spot and view continually moving objects at variable speeds. You may experience the benefits of this feature while viewing baseball and soccer games from a distance. Ball spotting and following it through its motion could become comfortable with the help of the Zhumell monocular.

Similarly, this feature could be helpful while you are engaged in bird watching. You could focus on them while they are resting and moving unpredictably on tall trees.

How does it Compare  

The other products which could come close to the features of the Zhumell monocular are the Orion monocular. Both the monocular devices seem to have nearly the same design specifications regarding object lens, length, exit pupil, and eye relief. 

Where Orion Scores

orion 10-25x42 waterproof monocular
  • Close Focus: The close focus length of Orin is stated to be 2feet, while the Zhumell monocular has a narrow focus of 6.5 feet.  However, the practical application need of a monocular could start after a distance of 5 to 6 feet.
  • Wrist Strap: The Orion monocular is stated to have a firmly attaching wrist strap for excellent grip. The inbuilt feature of the Zhumell monocular may not include the feature, but it is reported to have rubber armor with comfortable housing for excellent grip.

Where Zhumell Scores

zhumell 10-25×42
  • Focus Style: The focus style of Zhumell monocular is stated to be versatile while that of Orion is stated to be centered. That means the linear and angular field of view could be higher for Zhumell compared to the Orion. 303feet of Zhumell compared to 126feet of Orion if you wish to go by numeric values.
  • Image Clarity: According to the user reviews, the magnification, brightness, and image clarity of the Zhumell monocular are stated to be better than those of the Orion when it comes to viewing during the early morning and late evening hours.
  • Eye-Relief: Zhumell monocular could score over in eye relief due to its variable value between 14-9.5mm, while it is stated to be fixed at 14.5mm for Orion.

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