Best Monocular for Bird Watching 2018

Best Monocular for Bird Watching 2017

Bird watching as a hobby and profession could be made highly successful when you use the right sort of monocular built with the latest design and operational technologies.

You could get accurate views, wide range of coverage, enhanced field of view; bright display and near zero errors. Some of the recommended products which might be useful to you in taking a decision to choose from could be from the list.

Polaris Optics Explorer

Technical Features of Bird Watching Monocular

The technical features of the bird watching monocular could be categorized into sections related to the design, functionality, safety and ease of use. All of them get connected to produce the most optimum features you might need.

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Design Features

· The monocular design depends on the construction of the lens and the assembly of the prism. The accuracy of vision is ensured by the integration between objective lens, the prim assembly and eyepiece.

· Configuration of objective lens is said to be optimal when it can reduce the optical aberrations to near zero level. The typical monocular device will have a single lens with curved focal surface. Multiple wavelengths of light from the target object are brought into single focus. In this aspect the relation between aperture and focal length of the monocular is said to be important for clear vision.

· Coating on the lens can be in single or multiple layers. This is used for reducing the reflections from the surface of the lens. A coated lens can avoid reflections to the extent of 9.8%. Most of the standard monocular lenses are coated in the green and yellow part of the light’s wavelength.

According to optical experts this is the region where the human eye is most sensitive. Multilayered coating is said to be more effective as it absorbs all the reflections and gives better quality image to the monocular prism and the eyepiece.

· The proper design of the lens also helps in reducing the errors of various types when you go for bird watching. Common ones among them are distortion, aberration, coma and the field curvature.

· The quality of lens aperture can effectively reduce the volume of light loss around the target bird’s peripheral region. This is said to be quite common for all types of monocular lenses. This is done when the finishing of the lens is done during the manufacturing process.

· The isosceles prism is mounted at the center between lens and the eyepiece. The hypotenuse of the prism is exactly at right angle with the axis, making the image go through multiple reflections before being displayed in the eyepiece.

A good monocular is said to have inbuilt contrast adjusting features to make the clear image. The ability of the monocular to absorb maximum light from the surrounding of the target object and producing a clear image under varying environmental conditions is said to be the most recommended feature for bird watching.

· The standard monocular prism is of two basic two types namely the BAK4 and the BK7. BAK4 has relatively higher refractive index. This is said to result in a lesser critical angle.

This is designed to reduce the internal reflection losses to near zero. On the other hand BK7 type of prism is said to be preferable for night vision monocular when the light from the external sources is very dim.

· The monocular body of the standard devices is designed by keeping the position of the lens, prism and the eyepiece in view. The position of the eyepiece could be either to the side of the lens and prism assembly or on top. In some of the monocular types the eyepiece can also be mounted in line with the lens.

Make sure that “eye cup” covering the eyepiece makes your viewing comfortable. Lightweight body of the monocular is one factor which can ensure portability and flexibility of usage. Standard monocular devices are made from reinforced lightweight polymers that can provide high level of tensile strength and heat resisting capacity.

You need to pay special attention to these two factors while selecting the monocular.

Recommended Product Reviews

Polaris Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 Monocular

Polaris Optics Explorer

Our Rating:

Key Features

· The device is said to be equipped with a standard replaceable 50-mm lens is said to provide magnification factors which are recommended for hobby and professional bird watchers.

· The device is said to be supported by a multipurpose tripod whose legs. According to the manufacturers this sort of design could be useful for all types of planar and rugged surfaces.

· The device is said to have a water and rainproof external shield. Manufacturers state that the internal architecture is designed for eliminating the probability of fogging also.

· The adjustable rim on the outer surface of the eye piece is said to be useful for varying the angle of viewing and the distance between the prism and the prism eyepiece. This is said to be useful for increasing the clarity of the bird images, depending the distance between your standing position and the bird location.

· Focus wheels of the device are said to be variable in angle and focal length. By adjusting these values, you are said to be capable of rotating the angle of view from 0 degrees to 90 degree. With this sort of viewing you might be able to watch birds on horizontal and vertical planes of the tree, including reverse hanging birds like the bats.



  • High resolution magnification is said to be one of the key features of this monocular for bird watching. Reflection absorption is said to give you closer views of birds over water bodies like lakes and rivers.


  • Using focus wheels could be confusing in the initial stages for the beginners due to its reported sensitivity.
Polaris Optics EagleEye

Our Rating:

Key Features

· The device is said to have a single hand focus wheel that might make it easy to change the length and angle while viewing the birds.

· The eye cups are said to be adjustable in nature which might make it comfortable for watching with the eyeglasses.

· The manufacturers state that the optical structure of the lens and the prism is designed to absorb the reflections and fine tune the image into the eyepiece. This is said to be one of the features which reportedly enhances the image clarity. When the birds are on water bodies like lakes and rivers, the volume of light reflected from water could cause blurring of the bird’s image. This oddness is said to be eliminated to the maximum extent by the design of the lens and prism.

· The device is said to be Water and fog proof which is supposed to work in all types of weather conditions. According to the manufacturers you could use this device during winter and rainy seasons also without any major deviation in the quality of images.



  • The device is said to be slip proof and drop proof which might make it good for all terrain use.
  • The device is said to be capable of being supported by a tripod which reportedly gives you hands free experience of bird watching in tough terrains.


  • Adjusting the focus manually to overcome reflections from water to watch aquatic birds could be tough for beginners.
Polaris Optics Outdoorsman

Our Rating:

Key Features

· The device is said to be supported by an optimized reticle which is supposed to be good for measurement of angular focus. According to manufacturers this feature might support distance measurement of the target object from your current location. According to optical technologists this is recommended when the target size is relatively smaller and the focus range is long.

· The device is said to have a good field of view which could be optimized for long and short distances. The coverage are of the object is also said to be variable. According to manufacturers this helps in focusing on larger objects that are in the closer range and smaller objects which in the longer range.

· The relative motion of the object lens is said to be with the optical prism. When you in change the focal length to cover small size objects, the passing of light from the lens through the prism is said to be optimally controlled for reducing the reflections of light coming from the exteriors of the object body. This is supposed to give sharper images.

· The relation between fast focusing and close focusing is said to be relatively accurate with this device. The manufacturers state that this is made possible by the spotting scopes compatibility between angular and linear focus.



  • The optical structure of the device is said to be its main feature which is supposed to be a combination fast focus, accurate scan and enhanced field of view.


  • Focal length adjustment through wheels is said to be very sensitive, making it tough for starters.
Aurosports Waterproof Monocular

Our Rating:

Key Features

· The device is said to have good optical resolution features which are compatible for long distance bird watching. The manufacturers state that the focal length of the object lens can be varied dynamically in order to switch between long and short distance views.

· The device said to be good for moving and flying birds also. According to the manufacturers this feature is enabled by the continuous image capturing speed of the lens. The transmission of image through the prism into the eyepiece is said to happen in real time with reported near zero delay. You might be able to get a clearer glimpse of the flying bird.

· The angle of refraction in the installed prism is said to be variable in nature. The manufacturers state that with this feature it is possible to get a clear image of the birds when they are behind obstacles like leaves.

· The lens of the device is said to be coated to reduce the volume of reflections considerably. Moreover the manufacturers state that you might be able to differentiate between the color of the bids and their background settings like green leaves, branch colors and other objects. This might enable you to analyze the birds’ features by talking a relatively enhanced closer look at them.



  • According to the manufacturers the wide range of angular and linear focal points are said to be the main features of the device.


  • The focal length adjustment is said to be difficult when the target objects are behind obstacles like tree branches.
Authentic ROXANT Grip Scope

Our Rating:

Key Features

· The device is said to be made with high end precision optic lens supported by the BAK4 type of green prism. According to manufacturers, this combination is supposed to give a higher value of refractive index with sharp focus capability. The glass used in the prism is said to be highly accurate in dispersing the light into its constituent basic colours, giving you the original colour display of the target object without any distortion.

· The coating on the lens is supposed to eliminate the light reflections to a considerable extent. According to the manufacturers this is in conformation to the standards which govern the quality of optical devices used for bird watching.

· The varying focal length of the lens is said to be streamlined with the focal surface and the plane. This could alter the horizontal distances between the center of focus and the point where the light falls on the lens. The angle of curvature of the lens is said to be designed in line with the prism in such a manner that all the light could get focused onto a single point. This is stated to be a plus point which might eliminate the error in quality of the image.

· The multicoated lens is said to be efficient in removing the anomaly of reflective surfaces, making it absorb maximum light from the target object.



  • BAK4 type of prism is said to be the most important component of the device which might make the device useful for accurate long and short distance bird viewing.


  • BAK4 glass might not be able to redirect the light entering it from vertical points effectively, though such probabilities are said to be very rare.


Having seen the basic and advanced features of the products, the recommended one seems to be the Authentic-ROXANT-Grip-Scope-Retractable Monocular.

· Chromatic aberration is said to be very low. This is relevant to horizontal and lateral aberrations. According to optics experts this feature could be helpful in getting high resolution images in all possible weather conditions and terrains.

· The device is said to have maximum number of glass made components built into it. This feature is said to be good for optic sensitive tasks like bird viewing. This is because of the distance of focus, image clarity, anti reflection, anti aberration and optimization of angular views are said to be synchronized by the device.

If you want to learn more about monoculars, then read our comprehensive guide on monoculars. Otherwise we would recommend you look at our Home Page for the best Optics on the planet.

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