About Me


Hi, my name is James Taylor and thanks for stopping by on my site. Yes this is the best photo that I have of myself and my beautiful wife!! I am normally behind the lens and as many of you, I don't like photo's of myself to be taken.

I really hope that you find value in what I have put together on this blog of mine.

My vision for the site is simple, I want to create a site that informs and shares my passion of the outdoors with as many people as possible.

I have many interests that involve lenses (optics) of some sorts, but what they all have in common is the outdoors as that is where most of my time is actually spent. I come from an era where we had to develop our photos before we could see our master pieces and now we instantly see and if we don't quite like what we see there are so many programs that can make those small changes so the pics are just perfect.

I tend to use my personal equipment for Hunting, bird watching and just at my kids sporting events (I have 3 beautiful kids and a wonderful wife!)​.

I actually have a group of like minded friends and e get together to look at all the latest and greatest optics on the market and between the lot of us we actually have most of the best equipment around, and as men tend to be the toys have to be state of the art.​

We are running this from our Home based at 3536 Winding Way Portsmouth, RI 02871.